Take Back Valuable Space. In Your Closets and  Your Brain!

Take Back Valuable Space. In Your Closets and  Your Brain!

A 14-part audio course and done-for-you plan to help you declutter, refresh, and rethink your home’s functionality. Without a house overhaul or a $1000 trip to the container store!


From The Bathroom and Bedroom
To The Cabinets, Closets, and Car

You’ll Learn How To Use Your Home Smarter

Work and mail bring in paper. Kids bring in gear and clothing. And the holidays fill our homes with a lot more than comfort and joy.

Slowly but surely, clutter creeps in. Until one day, you find yourself drowning in stuff. And spending more time stressing over your space than celebrating it.

The Clutter & Cleaning That Come With Managing A Home Are Pretty Shocking!


You need something practical. Something you can tackle easily and affordably. You need The Home Reset!

You Know You Need To Take Back Space

But You Don’t Want A Total House Overhaul. 
Or a $1000 Trip To The Container Store.

A 14-Part Audio Course & Done-For-You Plan 
That Walks You Through Exactly How To 

Declutter, Refresh, & Reclaim Your Space!


20-Minute Audio Lessons

In short, doable lessons, I walk you through what I do to reset our home twice a year. Binge the episodes like a podcast or take it one day at a time.

I (Kate!) will email you for 2 weeks to encourage you through sections of the course and help you finish your reset!

2 Weeks of Accountability

Each episode comes with a printable, PDF checklist so you can follow along and mark off completed tasks as you work.

Room-by-Room Checklists

Listen on the go or as you go. You’ll download the episodes to your phone or computer and listen at your pace.

Use the checklist that comes with each lesson to help you follow along and mark things off as you go!

Just like your spaces, you can make this course work for you!

Listen as you work

Track Your Progress



You’ll receive a daily email from Kate each day for 2 weeks to help start and, more importantly, finish your first reset! 

Stay Motivated To Finish


Lifetime access makes the course available to you forever. Join me in resetting every January and June!

Reset On The Regular


The Most Practical Way to Reset Your Home


Homes Reset

5 ⭐

Tons of 5-Star Reviews


of Hours & Closets Saved!

Hey Everyone, I’m Kate Strickler!

I’m Mom to four wonderful little people, the creator behind @NaptimeKitchen, and a firm believer that your space should serve you—not the other way around!

In 2020, I wrote a series of blog posts that outlined what I do to refresh our home a few times a year, and I was shocked at the number of people who wanted a realistic resource that didn’t involve a total house overhaul or a $1000 trip to The Container Store. And so, The Home Reset was born!

As you tackle your Home Reset, I’ll be your cheerleader and the voice in your ear. My goal is to keep you motivated. Even as you stare down the kids’ bathroom sink.



I Teach You Exactly What I Do To Reset Our Home Twice A Year!

I Teach You Exactly What I Do To Reset Our Home Twice A Year!

1. Introduction with Kate
2. Kitchen Part 1: Fridge & Freezer 
3. Kitchen Part 2: Pantry & Cabinets
4. Bathrooms 
5. Bedrooms & Closets
6. Kids’ Clothes
7. Kids’ Toys
8. Laundry Room
9. Living Room
10. The Car
11. The Garage or Shed
12. Paper
13. Your Mind
14. Kate’s Final Pep Talk


Printable Freezer Inventory

Keep track of exactly what’s in your newly cleaned freezer so that next time you reset, you’re not throwing out old, freezer-burnt food or wasting those precious grocery budget dollars.


Handy, room-by-room checklists are perfect if you're like me and need to mark things off as you go.

Sneak Peek:

Episode Checklist!

"Whilst I live in a teeny tiny NYC studio apartment and don’t have separate rooms, the home reset allowed me to maximize my space even further by giving me the tools to refresh my little home. Highly, highly recommend!"



"I am married with no kids and am about to move to another country, and this has been fabulous for prepping BEFORE starting the packing process. I plan to revisit this resource once or twice a year to maintain easy and brain-uncluttering house organization and cleanliness. There are so many gems of tips, tricks, and mindset shifts. Highly, highly recommend."



"I have to say, I had been on the fence on if I should spend my cash money on guidance to declutter my home- and I’m glad I bit the bullet because it’s SO MUCH MORE than decluttering. Kate gave me the permission to get rid of my twin sheets stuffed in my linen closet (we have no twin bed) and in so many other ways make my home MINE. My favorite thing about going through this course (with a 2 year old and 3 month old) has to be the freedom to go about it at my own pace. I’ll be coming back to it every year!"



"I happily moved my often-used, but previously inaccessible small kitchen appliances to a more accessible place and my kitchen was a whole new world! Every other room just fell into place from there, and even my husband is excited about the changes we’re making. I can’t wait to make this part of our yearly home routine."



“This is an excellent resource for anyone overwhelmed by the idea of organizing your home or frustrated by the space you have. The Home Reset gives you digestible and actionable steps each day to work through every area of your home. I LOVE the audio format and being able to listen while I do the dishes or prep a meal, and each task area could easily be accomplished in one day. I LOVE how practical the suggestions are and I LOVE that I didn’t have to buy anything to implement the strategies!" 



THERE ARE 100+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEWS 

real results


Because Your Space Should Serve You. 
Not The Other Way Around!

→ An organized fridge and freezer with no mystery items left behind!

→ The key spaces in your home organized to function in a way that best serves you and your family.

→ A practical way to maintain an organized home throughout the seasons.

→ A cleaned-out car free of discarded applesauce pouches and random socks.

→ A refreshed mind without all the noisy clutter. 

→ A cleaned-out email inbox!

You’ll Come Out Of Your Home Reset With…


You Need A Practical Plan You Can Easily Tackle

The Home Reset focuses on what’s effective, affordable, and efficient.

Take Action Right Away

Don’t waste time reading a book or starting from scratch on a plan. The Home Reset is a proven path that thousands have already taken!

Use What You Have

I encourage you to use what you already have to organize your home. No expensive trips to The Container Store required!

Go Beyond Clean

I don’t just teach you to clean and organize, I offer up a new way to think about your home’s functionality and make your spaces work for you.

Move At Your Own Pace

Reset your home over the course of a month, a season, or a year. And repeat the process as often as you like! Your pace is entirely up to you.

See It Through To The End

Consider me your personal cheerleader! Through audio lessons and emails, I’ll encourage you to start, keep going, and most importantly, finish your reset.

You’re Going To Want To Do This More Than Once!


I do a Home Rest twice a year, in January and June. Because even with solid systems, life has a way of happening. And things have a way of creeping back in.

The Home Reset Is Yours To Use Whenever & Forever

When you buy, you get lifetime access. The more you use it, the more value you’ll get out of not just this purchase—but your home!

→ Align projects with the seasons, like working on the garage when it’s warm out.

→ Skip any episodes that aren’t an issue in this season of life, but might be later. Like saving the lessons on kids’ stuff until you have kids!

→ Pause your Home Reset when life happens knowing you can pick it back up later.

Lifetime Access Lets You:

"I have paid much more for courses like this one and gotten much less out of them. This is a fantastic investment for your home, your family and your sanity.


"I have purchased MANY a course online. The majority I have had buyers remorse. I would happily buy this again. So happy to have it and would make a great gift for a girlfriend or sister that is nerdy about home organization like I am or just is overwhelmed in their home and doesn’t know where to start". 


"I realized while doing the home reset, I was still living with our kitchen the way my mother and aunt unboxed it for me three years ago when we moved into our house. Kate’s course gave me the nudge I needed and permission to throw that playbook out and make one that actually works for my husband and me."


"Worth every penny! I will be doing this at least once a year, maybe more! What a great resource! I was worried that I would get it and it would just be common sense things I already knew. Boy was I wrong. It gave a clear plan on each "chapter" and tons of things I never thought of!"


"This found us at the perfect time. We had just moved across the country and I had no idea how to organize our new house or even tackle the many boxes staring at me. The Home Reset guide allowed me to put things where they made the most sense for our family and let our 'house work for us and not the other way around'".


Buy The Home Reset Once,
And Use It For Life!

Your one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to:

✓ 14 Audio Lessons
✓ 12 Printable Checklists
✓ 2 Weeks of Encouraging Emails
✓ Bonus! Freezer Inventory Sheet

Price: $97

Will I have to purchase a lot of organizational products?

Nope! I actually encourage you to use whatever you already have in your home and provide a lot of ideas on what you can repurpose around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already keep a pretty organized house, will I still benefit from this?

YES! The Home Reset isn't just organizational tips. It's about helping you rethink the purpose of your home. I will help you find functionality and better systems even if you keep a tidy house.

Do I have to do the course in order (starting in the kitchen)?

You can do the Home Reset in whatever order you want. You can start in the garage and end in the kitchen. Or start in the bathrooms and move on to the living room. It's in whatever order or pace works for YOU.

Do I lose access to the program after I complete it?

Nope! Once purchased, The Home Reset is yours FOREVER. I walk you through how to save it to your phone, or your computer, print the checklists, etc. You can continue to enjoy the course for years to come, including any future updates.

How long does it take to complete The Home Reset?

Most folks finish it within 2 weeks. I'll send encouraging emails along the way to keep you motivated. But you can do it all in one weekend, spread it out over months, or work at any pace you like!

Will the course still be valuable if I don't have kids?

Yes! There are only 2 episodes dedicated to kid stuff, and the information is still valuable for those without kids. I share about reducing clutter, rotating seasonal items, and storing clothes. All topics that would apply to anyone!

Are there accommodations for those who are deaf or hard of hearing?

Yes! A transcript of the entire audio course is delivered to you upon purchase at no extra cost!

I can't find my Home Reset purchase in my inbox. Help! 

Maybe you accidentally deleted the files or they got lost in cyberspace. We are happy to get you access again. Email homereset@naptimekitchen.com and we will get everything to you.

Try The Home Reset For 15 Days. 
Get Your Money Back If It Doesn’t Serve You.

money back 


Send us an email and tell us what didn’t work.
And we’ll send you your money back.

Feel Good Every Time You Open Your Fridge

(And your car…and your coat closets…and your cupboards…)

  • Have practical, functional systems for each area of your home and your car.
  • Know exactly what's in your fridge and freezer. No more food waste.
  • Have clutter-free corners and a clutter-free email inbox to boot!
  • Finally be able to park OR fit need-to-be-stored items in the garage.
  • Know the purpose you want your home to serve—and make it a reality.
  • Have the knowledge and materials to make resetting even easier next time!

By The End Of Your Home Reset, You’ll…

It’s easy to think that if you just had more space, better space, or prettier space, the stuff would take care of itself. 

But even the biggest playroom in Texas would feel chaotic stuffed to the brim! And most of us will never have an HGTV camera crew photographing our homes.

So instead of waiting for the built-ins or square footage of your dreams, I encourage you to focus on making the spaces you do have work for you right now.

You Don’t Have A Space Problem. 
You Have A Stuff Problem!


Declutter Your Mind

Free your mind, home, and your inbox of the clutter that’s been stressing you out.

Maximize Your Space

Create systems for spaces you can’t afford to waste. (I’m looking at you, hall closet!)

Get Ahead of The Mess

Learn to make a habit of cleaning and tidying regularly, so it gets easier every time.

Make It Work For You

Go at your own pace as you make your home work harder for you than you do for it!


Breathe Easier In A Space 
That’s Set Up To Serve You!

No Matter The Size Of Your Space Or Budget

Get Lifetime Access To The Home Reset!

Buying gives you instant access to:
✓ 14 Audio Lessons
✓ 12 Printable Checklists
✓ 2 Weeks of Encouraging Emails
✓ Bonus! Freezer Inventory Sheet

Price: $97 

Still not convinced? Wondering what The Home Reset actually sounds like? Click the link below and download the first episode FOR FREE. 

I know that after episode 1, you’ll be inspired to tackle the rest of your home!

Still on the fence? Get the first episode for free!